Saturday, October 26, 2013

An Ending for Bla Bla Room

To : Bla Bla Room and whoever who stumbles upon this post

This blog, started out to be a place where I can sort of communicate to..... nobody :P
And then, people started to notice the blog and follow it, hence Bla Bla Room fulfilled its purpose of Bla Bla-ing.

Later, the time comes where my mind goes emotional, sentimental or frustrated. Then there was when I turned Bla Bla Room into a real emotional connection, my personal listener.

Reading through all those weird posts, old posts, childish posts, and even my friend's blogs really brings back the memories and moments, and it made me feel so good on the inside.

From time to time, I change your looks, update posts frequently but I've noticed, I gave up on continuing the effort of writing since I become the Head Prefect around Oct 2012. And it's a busy year for us Form 4s and Form 5s (2013).

I've started to develop different issues, mostly indescribable or just too much to write OR I just don't feel like sharing to the whole world anymore. Hence, there came a small book called
Giap's Diary. It is a weird case where the traditional things replace the modern ones. I established a new connection with the Diary and soon, Bla Bla Room's purpose has been replaced by the Diary.

Yet, I have not regret writing all these posts for such a long time 2008 - 2012. 5 years! If you tell me to rewrite them, I would certainly write differently. It is like peeking through time and meet the old Giap.

Well, now, I'm gonna graduate, and this Blog proves to have more of my High School memories than ever (although the Diary has them too, and probably in a more detailed fashion), but Bla Bla Room is really a place where the old Giap still exists. A young little boy who is developing. I'm not saying I'm old and mature now, but I can say that I am certainly not who I am years pass.

Reading thru the posts year by year projects the image of my mental growth as well. The tones and the contents. I used to write about Warcraft and Itachi omg.... hahaha. And wow, I used to fell for her so much that I typed that in a blog?! I'm quite dumb aren't I?

Alright, this post is getting longer than it should. But with all of my sincerity, I really wanted to thank Bla Bla Room for giving me such a wonderful gift, or should I thank myself for writing them? Thanking the old me of course :P

Well, it's time. To put this blog to end. Even if I want to start blogging again I wouldn't write them here. Bla Bla Room should maintain Giap as a High School Teenager, who has nothing else better to do than blogging :P

.......... Good bye, Bla Bla Room ........... hope I can show you to my kids in the future haha, and it'll be a movie series called "How Childish Your Dad Used to Be" ;)

                          ----- Giap (Oct 2013)

Thursday, October 25, 2012

More...... MORE!

Well, just figure that exams is coming to an end. But more are coming.
2012 is going to end......... I mean literally END!

But no....... it's not the End of the World. I still wanna see 2013's sun and laugh the Mayan's right on the face! XD

Oh well.... I think I should make a conclusion for 2012? No..... not yet, it's only October dudes! Not yet... not yet...

Just the form 5's. The one's that has been leading all these years are going to leave us :( And leaving us monkeys leading more monkeys! Wow, that's a bit too much.....

I can't say I am a professional leader but, still so far so good la. Nothing extremely bad has happened. And new concepts had been introduced, functioning well too.

But I still gotta deal with tons of sh*t every day.
Morning calls and Night Alarms. Ufft... I guess that's what being a leader is about then -> "If you don't do it, somebody else or NOBODY is gonna do it. So JUST DO IT!" (sorry Nike)

I guess sometimes I'm not clear of my goal. Yes, I always remind myself to leave a legend in the juniors eyes. Remembering this year they're gonna have a Board of ultimate awesomeness. But how the hell am I going to reach that? Or HOW do I ever know when I reach it? Hmm....... that's a deep question.

But wait.... as a leader, I have to take care of my basics too! My academics!
Uhh sh*t. I sucked in Chemistry and Add Math. Other's are on standard but kinda shaky. OMG, can't wait to see blood spill out from my report card. >___> Yea, damn looking forward for them.

Oh and My piano level increased! I guess......... lol. Coz I've been practicing harder. :) I guess diligence DOES pays off!

Oh and her, I think I've finally freed myself from it. :D No more memories haunting me. I'm a freelancer... Yea..... gangsta freelancer!!!! >:D

My family... yes, the most important one. Is going stable. And my closelessness (yea i jumbled up the word) with them is getting better and better and better! :D Super!

Oh well..... Got lazy again. Stopping it ~.~

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Got lazy

I just got lazy on updating the blog....... So perhaps I temporarily shut down the blog first? ._____. and restart it in the future? lol

Good bye Bla Bla Room..... I guess......

Monday, August 20, 2012

Selamat Hari Raya to me = Holidays!

Haha, nothing much to write.....
Actually got a lot to write, laziness takes over :P

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Monthly test and piano exam

Just wanna say great timing to both of the school and ABRSM. -.- Seems like both of you loved August a lot.

Now I have to split myself into Pianist and Student. But of course, mainly a student. But I am forced to "ponteng" for the 3rd day of exam just for another exam! Ironic eh?

But still, I think I'm not putting 100% of my efforts in these exams. Pfft, I was just not disciplined enough to be robotic and systematic in studies (like always...)
So that's what they call, 100% attitude brings success. Now I'm working with 75% attitude, hence I will get only A- (75) in the exams? :O

Alright, still gotta do whatever I can. Tomorrow's a day I will have a "showdown" with Boon Tiong on Add Math lol. Hope it's fun :D

Oh ya, I finally got my nametag! :D Shiny gold tag of the Head Prefect x) Undeniably happy haha. Can show to my kids and grandkids in the future :P
But still in the mean time, will prove that I am worthy of wearing the tag. :)

All the best! To myself and everyone taking exams.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Trying my very hardest....

To forget you and let you go.

Just as mentioned before,
I will do my best on letting you go. "Both of us deserved better"

But truly, that's a life challenge for me. Your memories are everywhere, YES by everywhere I meant EVERYWHERE.

I lift my head up, I can see the little black cute puppy you gave me.

Reading a book, picking it up, open it, a postcard you gave to me. I've used it as a bookmark.

Opening my phone, your birthday as my password. (don't know why not changing it)

Logging in facebook, you're my first person in the chat list.
Looking back to the chat logs. Smiling like an idot >_>

Seeing my old house phone *wired* Remembering the days we sneak up on the middle of the night just to call ya.

Playing the piano, wondering what's next to play. And I'll think back the days I'm dying to transcript your favourite song and play it as your birthday gift.

Some cut and torn magazines. Haha yea, the dumbest thing ever, words in the magazine for the note for ya.

Yea, dumbest ever...... I fell for the memories every time. Must resist and forget them. There're better things to do and remember... right?

Friday, July 27, 2012

Little Things, Big Changes

After being the Head Prefect.
There's lots to do, and lots to learn.
But somethings are less crucial than others.
Gotta sort them out systematically.

Lots to train and enhance too.
Being a Head Prefect. Gotta show the Looks of a Head Prefect.
No more cute little boy Giappy. He's changing now.
I will aim for the best, in physical, social, studies and most importantly, Leadership.

The new AJK board is quite interesting. Especially my two trusty Deputys. There's lot to learn from them, and I definitely can't go on without the board's support.

So much to prove, so much to learn. Means, no time for games and fun. I mean "less" time for them ;) I still need a life didn't I?
This also means strict timetable rule. Actually for today, I'm breaking the rule already. -.-

And other than that, I've made everything clear with her. I can't force her to like me or something. And she's doesn't want a high school relationship. After deep thoughts, yea, if we start now. What can I give her? I might burden her for a lot of things. And plus, I don't think I myself is ready for those things too. As much as I lusted for it before.
Now I can directly and clearly state that. I won't wait and pursue for her any longer. She and myself are not meant for one another and the timing is very bad. We both deserved better. I will miss you and all the times we've been through a lot. 101012 <3 good bye. Friends Forever like we said alright?! :D

Also, from now on. Self confidence will be further pushed. They say I'm over confident. Haha. But nevertheless, I need them. They pushes me in everything.

Alright, pathway set. To upgrade the board I must first upgrade myself.

Influence, not control,
Together, not one-man-show,

Teamwork, not slavery,
Common goal, not chasing empty dreams.

WE, not I.

The picture that I loved a lot.
One goal, One Direction, Many as One.

May everything is blessed by you Dad :)